Best Practices

The following best practices were compiled by non-profit organizations that have participated in the TICKETS Fore CHARITY program during past PGA TOUR tournaments. Consider incorporating these into your promotional campaigns to boost your fundraising and achieve your organization’s fundraising goals.

These concepts will be updated periodically as new ideas comes to the forefront.

1. Leverage your Corporate Partners: Most, if not all, non-profit organizations have relationships with corporations that support their organization in a variety of means. First and foremost, reach out to these companies, inform them about TICKETS Fore CHARITY, and ask them to distribute materials to their employee base to support your group. Alternatively, see if they would be willing to purchase tickets in bulk and perhaps distribute them to youth groups or in general those who would not be able to afford to purchase tickets.

2. 3rd Party Bulk Purchases: Approach these same corporate affiliations, or individual donors, and see if they would be willing to purchase a ticket for every attendee to a specific event, like a golf outing. This represents a unique sponsorship opportunity for the company rather than the typical "sponsoring a hole" or "sponsoring a silent auction." If they are concerned about the tax deduction, have them write a check to your non-profit and use this money to purchase tickets.**Please be aware that bulk purchases can be made offline by contacting your local tournament office**

3. Live Fundraising Events: Promote your involvement in the program at all live fundraising events leading up to the tournament. These events can include golf outings, dinners, runs/walks, etc. Include a flyer in all “giveaway” bags. You could go one step further by taking ticket orders at these events, collecting payment, and then purchasing the tickets in bulk through your Program Administrator.

4. Leverage your Board Members: Board members have hundreds of contacts and can be extremely beneficial in helping you get the word out. Some charities have gone the route of having each Board member purchase six tickets each as a way to jumpstart sales. This would give your group a great foundation to build off of and get some momentum going. At the very least, Board members should be spreading the word within their own companies.

5. E-mail Blasts & Newsletters: Be sure to include information on TICKETS Fore CHARITY in all e-mail blasts and/or newsletters distributed to your database. Likewise, including a link on the homepage of your website is an easy way to grab attention. The most effective route is to link DIRECTLY to the Ticketmaster purchasing page. Just be sure to provide your promotional code where it can be easily seen. Even include a link and/or logo in your auto-signature!

6. Online Networking Groups: Consider setting up a fundraising event on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social and business networking sites with your ticket information and a link to your organization’s website. This is a great way to expand your promotional reach exponentially. At the very least, urging your Facebook followers to purchase tickets could go a long way!

7. Not Just for Golf Fans: Many non-traditional golf fans will appreciate the opportunity to walk on the grounds of an exclusive golf course and see world-class athletes, all while supporting an organization they feel passionate about. Make sure you reach out as widely as possible. Conversely, if you know anyone who will already be attending the tournament, ask them to support your organization through TICKETS Fore CHARITY!