Below are some of the most common questions about the TICKETS Fore CHARITY program. Should you have any additional questions, please contact Kristi Lee Fowlks at kristifowlks@pgatourhq.com or 310.573.5810.

Will the ticket purchaser receive a receipt for their charitable donation?

The ticket purchase does not constitute a charitable donation, because the consumer is receiving something of value in return. For more information, please consult your tax advisor.

How are tickets sold and fulfilled?

Participating organizations promote the sale of tickets by directing potential purchasers to this website, where they can purchase tickets securely online. Each organization will be given a unique promotional code so that purchases can be tracked and credited to the promoting organization. Purchasers will be asked to enter this promotional code when making the purchase.

Tickets outside California will be purchased through Ticketmaster by clicking on the “Buy Tickets” link on the left-hand side of the page under the tournament of your choice. Tickets for events in California can be purchased directly through the participating charity of your choice. Please click on the Charles Schwab Cup Championship or Northern Trust Open link on the left of the homepage to access the participating non-profits list. To find out which charities are participating and how to contact them, please click on the “Buy Tickets” link on the left of the homepage under your tournament of choice.

Tickets purchased through Ticketmaster are print-at-home and can be downloaded at the time the purchase is made. Tickets purchased for events in California will be hard tickets.

Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can buy/promote, or amount of money our organization can raise?

No, there is no limit! The more heavily you promote the program, the more you can raise for your charity.

Are there other are ticket prices available, such as discounts for bulk purchases?

No. These are the only tickets that have been approved at this time for the TICKETS Fore CHARITY program.

How long will it take to get my ticketing code and promotional materials? When can I start participating?

Once you register online and upload a copy of your 501(c)3 determination letter via the "Charity Registration" link, it will take two to three business days to process your registration and provide you with everything you will need to get started. Once you are registered, your local PGA TOUR Community Outreach contact will contact you and provide you with your promotional materials, ticketing code and instructions – along with promotional ideas to help you succeed.

Will we be allowed to use the tournament logo and PGA TOUR logo to create our own promotional materials?

The tournament will provide you with a promotional flyer, header & footer, e-blast and approved website/newsletter copy, which you will be able to customize with your organization’s name and contact information. Please use only the pre-approved materials provided to you, as there are strict legal branding guidelines regarding the use of logos and player images that we must adhere to.

What fees are associated with purchasing through Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster is offering a reduced fee of just $1.50 per ticket as part of the TICKETS Fore CHARITY program. This is a significant savings for consumers. Ticket sales for events taking place in California offers a reduced processing and handling fee for PGA TOUR and Championship events through the TICKETS Fore CHARITY program.

What if a company wants to purchase a bulk order of tickets?

Bulk orders can be purchased through use of the Ticket Order Form. Please fill out the form with your appropriate mailing address and method of payment. You can work directly with your PGA TOUR Community Outreach contact on the details, but through this "offline" purchase you will not have to pay applicable Ticketmaster fees

How often will I receive a report that tells me how our fundraising is going?

Non-profits will receive their “Scorecard” throughout the program via e-mail highlighting their sales, along with the sales levels of other participating organizations.

What if someone forgets to use the promotional code? Will we be listed on the ticketing website?

Those purchasing tickets on this website will only be able to complete the purchasing process if they enter a charitable promotional code. The online purchasing program has been set up specifically for the purpose of raising funds for charities. The names of all participating organizations, along with their unique promotional codes, will be listed under each corresponding tournament on the "Buy Tickets" page, which purchasers can refer to when making their online ticket purchases.

How long after the tournament will we receive our fundraising dollars?

As stated in the participation agreement, you will receive your donation check within 60 days from the conclusion of the tournament.

How are sales tax and handling fees accounted for?

Your charity will receive the net proceeds from the sale of the tickets you promote. Taxes and processing or handling fees, if any, will, if included in the ticket price, be deducted prior to donation by PGA TOUR to your charity or, if not included in the ticket price, be identified as an extra charge during the ticket purchase."

Will our organization get recognition at the tournament?

There will be no individual signage for participating organizations. However, your organization will be recognized on our website.

What is the military ticket policy?

Complimentary admission to all active, Reserve, and military retirees and their dependents with a valid Department of Defense issued ID.